Driver empowerment

We aim to provide skill enhancement programs to the drivers, which include sessions on road safety, driver ethics and use of advanced technology. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives assist the drivers in improving the educational status of their children. We organize free health check-up programs to monitor the health status of the drivers and improve their wellbeing.

Artisan empowerment

To uplift rural artisans, we promote their creations at the global level through events. We organize skill development programs to upskill the artisans, which are not available in rural areas.


Children are the pillars of the nation and are the future of our world. Quality education is crucial for the children as they will shoulder the leadership and major responsibilities tomorrow. We strive to provide the best possible education to the kids who do not have access to it. We also support setting up libraries for children to inculcate the reading habits in them.


Protecting our environment is the need of the hour for the very existence of life. We at DI group are committed to go green and promote planting the trees, water harvesting, reducing the carbon footprint, recycling and other eco-friendly activities.